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LLOYD'S LAW FIRM, PLC is a Full Service Boutique Law Firm engaged in Estate Planning, Real Estate, Business and Corporate Law Practice. All Work Performed by an Attorney, Not Paralegals!
  • We Will Protect You and Your Family and Save You $$$
  • Do you Own a Home? Children under 18?
  • Do You Need Asset Protection?
  • Are You Afraid that the "Terry Schiavo" Situation Could Happen to You or a Loved One?
  • Do You want to Possibly Save $1000's in Taxes and/or Probate Fees?
LLOYD'S LAW FIRM, PLC is a boutique Asset Protection law firm working to provide competent, affordable and compassionate legal services.

The owner, Renee C. Lloyd-Nasiri, Attorney-At-Law, is also licensed as a California Real Estate Broker, California Life Insurance Agent, Certified MediCaid Planner, and Notary Public. She has prepared over 1000+ Estate Plans in California alone!
  To be the premier resource for our clients' Estate Planning and Business needs and to educate them as to the various tax saving options in a clear and concise manner.
  That all clients, regardless or socio-economic status or educational background, understand the need for pre-planning and the emotional, physical and financial obstacles which results from a lack of or improper planning.